Closing the Gender Gap

One of the most fascinating developments in African politics has been the increase in women’s political participation since the mid-1990s. Women are becoming more engaged in a variety of institutions, from local government to legislatures to even the executive – Article culled from COMMON KNOWLEDGE AUGUST 2018

Madam President, FRN!!!

Please welcome, Madam President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! But, alas! It was just a dream… Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, will be a day forever edged in my memory. 


A Woman’s Right to her Real Estate

I want to talk about the Malawian “Hyena” issue. Actually, I want to SCREAM!!! I was shocked beyond words to read that a man in 2016 takes pride in having the ‘job’ to deflower young girls as part of a rite of passage into womanhood.

WATCH: Funke Baruwa speaks about Above Whispers


The Politics Of A Few…A Case for Women’s Inclusion in Politics

Politics is a game of numbers! This is an adage that cannot be more apt for the Nigerian political space which clearly currently under-employs the female gender. 

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